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Every height and weight person in the world has everyone’s figure, and there will be some differences. Some people have a high body mass rate, while others have a low body fat rate. These differences lead to great differences in your body shape. Most people want to be thinner. Opening and closing jump can actually help you lose weight comprehensively, but it also has more obvious weight loss for a certain part. Then let’s take a look. Where is the most obvious effect of opening jump?

  1. What are the main features of opening and closing jump

In fact, the sport of opening and closing jump can be more comprehensive and help you lose weight, but if you want to say the most important parts to lose weight, in fact, the most important is to focus on your legs, arms, waist and abdomen. These three parts are the best parts to lose weight, because these three parts will have a greater effect and stimulation. Doing this sport, hands and feet must be the most involved. In the process of exercise, the waist and abdomen also want to keep the body stimulating and stable, so they can also get great stimulation and exercise.

  1. How many opening and closing jumps can you lose weight every day

Do the open and close jump every day. Because it belongs to aerobic exercise, you can complete the exercise at least 30 minutes later. If you have completed the exercise within 30 minutes, the effect may be minimal. Because of aerobic exercise, most of them start burning body fat half an hour later, According to our rough judgment, if we want to jump once a second for more than 30 minutes, we will jump 1800 times a day, but the specific number depends on the speed of everyone.

  1. When is the best time to lose weight

This exercise is best carried out in the evening. In most cases, all aerobic exercises are more suitable in the evening. Just like running, jogging is also one of aerobic exercises. Most people choose to carry out it in the evening, because everyone’s physical state is excellent at this time, and everyone’s body will affect sleep. Therefore, If you jump on and off at this time, you can lose weight most.

In short, the sport of open and close jump requires long-term persistence, and more than half an hour every day, just like jogging. This sport can help you exercise your arms, legs, waist and abdomen.