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I don’t know if you have ever come into contact with strength training in the process of fitness. In fact, strength training is very common from fitness to sports. Many sports and fitness projects belong to one of strength training. However, strength training also needs sports skills and sports experience. We should first contact some common strength training, and then go to have an in-depth understanding of more strength training. Next, let’s learn about the common strength training!

  1. Hard pulling

Hard pulling should be a familiar sport. Although some people have not touched it, it has a very good effect and is called “King’s action”, so everyone should have heard of it. This movement can move many muscle groups on our body, and during training, our body will release a lot of testosterone and enter the blood. Therefore, if you are going to do strength training, hard pulling is one of the very basic training actions that can not be missed.

  1. Barbell free squat

Barbell free squat is actually the same as the hard pull above, which can exercise most of the main muscle groups of our body. Because it involves a wide range, it is also known as the trump card of leg training, which is very popular with modern people. If you want to run faster, jump higher or have more strength in your legs, it is very effective to practice this action. Moreover, for women, this action can also lift your hips, which is also helpful for good leg shape.

  1. Dumbbell hard pull

This action is actually relatively simple, but although it looks simple, it is very good for everyone to shape if we can do it in place, especially for shaping a beautiful hip. In the process of doing this action, we can not only train our hips, but also get good exercise under our back, Make your hamstrings more flexible.

The three kinds of strength training introduced in the article are very common, and many people know how to exercise in our daily life, and some of the movement skills are also very simple, so you can start with these first.