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Fitness is like a fashion trend, which is deeply sought after by the majority of young people. First, fitness can enhance our immunity and strength and help our health. In addition, fitness can make us have a more perfect body. So what are the items of unarmed strength training so that we can exercise at home?

Pull up

Pull up is a very good action to exercise strength. The main test is the arm strength. Only with a strong arm strength can we do this action well. In addition, it also tests the overall coordination of the body. The movement is difficult, but if you can stick to it, the fitness effect will be effective quickly.


Push ups are well-known fitness actions in our life, and they are also a group of fitness actions that are very popular in our life. Generally, we will take push ups as a warm-up exercise, which is also conducive to the protection of our body during formal exercise. Push ups are also divided into many categories. We are familiar with standard push ups, jump push ups, one hand push ups, etc.


Squatting is a fitness action we often contact in our life. Many people think that squatting is simple and may be difficult to see the effect, but in fact, squatting is a very effective action to train leg strength, and long-term persistence can make our leg shape more perfect.

abdominal curl

Sit ups can be regarded as a fitness action we have been exposed to since childhood, and it is also an action listed in school examination items in many areas. If you are in contact with sit ups, you should know that sit ups are a very good way to exercise your abdominal muscles. Many friends who want to have vest lines and Mermaid lines will do some sit ups every day.

The action of unarmed fitness is simple, and it is also very helpful to our body. As long as we stick to it for a long time, we can get results quickly and let us have a more perfect body. It does not need too many instruments, and it is more convenient and safe to exercise.