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In fact, it is not only girls’ patent to worry about fat on their stomachs, but also boys. In particular, boys who have entered the society and have begun to work can not guarantee their daily exercise time as before. At the same time, their diet is not regular. They often need to go out to drink and socialize. Over time, more and more fat accumulates on their flat stomachs, It really affects the image. Let’s share a set of boys’ abdominal fat reduction actions. I hope everyone can get back in shape.

Suspension leg lift

Action 1: jogging

The first action for boys to reduce abdominal fat can be jogging, because in fact, the effect of fat reduction specifically for a certain part is not very strong. The greater effect of some strength exercises is to increase muscle, not to mention the part of the stomach where it is difficult to reduce fat, so if boys want to lose excess fat on the stomach, they can actually try jogging, either in the morning or at night, Don’t be too fast. In the long run, you will find that your whole body has lost weight, and your stomach will naturally lose weight, and then do some targeted actions.

Action 2: suspension leg lift

For boys, abdominal fat reduction and hanging leg lifting are also recommended. Overhanging leg lifting is an action that can exercise many muscles of the whole body. It is also very simple. It needs to grasp the horizontal bar with your hands, lift yourself into the air, lift your feet off the ground, and then use your abdomen to force your legs together, tighten your muscles, and then bend your two legs up together. It is best to bend them to about 90 degrees. If you can’t, it’s OK to lower them a little, This action can not only exercise the abdomen, but also exercise the muscles of the arms and shoulders. It can be said to kill more with one stone.

Action 3: roll your belly

If boys want to lose weight, they can also try the action of test paper abdomen. They can do forward abdomen curling or reverse abdomen curling. In short, the action of moving to the abdomen can effectively consume the energy of the abdomen. If they stick to it, it is very helpful to lose the fat on the stomach.