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  Don’t be satisfied with substitutes. The protein bottle shaker of the blender bottle brand is best for what they do. Note: If you fall on a concrete floor or a tiled floor, you will break and break the protein bottle shaker. I have done it twice. But I buy a new one every day.

  My husband and I each bought one of these for protein shakes. We are all impressed by the quality. Very durable…The cap is tightened and the mouthpiece has a very tight seal. Much better than expected. We wash them by hand, but they can definitely be washed in the dishwasher.

  Use this for protein and weight gain shakes. Finally had to replace one of the two that I have used for nearly 5 years. The safety of top rack dishwashers is always a good thing. Love these!

  I am not sure what will happen, but it does exactly what it says. There is no powder, like I put it in a blender. Love it and would definitely recommend it! It is the perfect choice for any of your meal replacement powders.

  I can’t tell you how self-righteous I was to sit up when I tried to go to bed, the protein shaker price, and it didn’t spill out, like there is a baby straw cup. I like it, I brought it for my weight loss, this cup can do the 阿job of shaking and mixing products.