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  The color is very good, everything is well packaged and does not leak. It is very suitable for mixing protein shakes. I think the electric blender bottle is the most effective, easiest to use and clean of all the shakers I have tried. The cap is very strong and tight, you can shake it as you want, it won’t pop out on you, and the cap itself is sealed, which is great.

  I like this bottle!! I recently started to drink protein drinks and need something like this. This may be the only thing I drink haha! I also don’t like drinking water, so when I don’t need it to mix protein powder, I add it Used as an ordinary water bottle, I am glad I got it! Since getting it, I have used it a lot…

  I like the interesting color and shape of this electric mixer bottle. After a few months of use, it is still very strong! Sometimes you have to actually turn the lid to make sure it stays on the road. But it always works.

  I always think these are expensive, but after trying other cheaper electric mixer bottles, it makes sense to spend more money to buy an ergonomic electric mixer bottle designed for mixing supplements, so this is ultimately a good choice. If you want to avoid the common problem of the top falling off, make sure to tighten the lid from the bottom and not from the drinking pipe.