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  Such a great protein shaker blender product! Very suitable for mixing protein shaker powder with milk, water and ice without lumps. The wide opening makes it easy to clean, and it is completely closed to prevent shaking and travel. And the purple is so beautiful! I found it too small to be used as a water bottle in the gym (I do high-intensity workouts and need more water) but it fits the breakfast milkshake I bought.

  I used to mix all my protein shakes with a spoon. When you do this, no matter how hard and long you mix, you will end up with small pieces that cannot be completely dissolved. With this, I shake it for about 30 seconds, everything is perfectly mixed together, there are no big lumps! I now drink protein shakes for breakfast every morning! Cleaning is also very simple, just put in some soap and water and shake well That’s it!

  These protein shaker cups are amazing! They even mix the thickest milkshakes. Literally, they work better than actual blenders. I use it for any and all beverages that need to be mixed or mixed. I highly recommend these over any other brands, you won’t find anything close to this price, even if Wal-Mart is twice the price of the seemingly cheaper blender bottle. great!