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Bucket waist is a phenomenon that many girls hate. This kind of waist line is undoubtedly a death sentence for a girl. A lot of girls in the appearance of bucket waist, or try to cover with clothing, or to find a way to reduce bucket waist. So what do you think are the most practical ways to lose a bucket waist? Let’s go and have a look!

Some of the most practical ways to lose a bucket waist

Method one: control oil

If you can control your mouth, most of your success will be achieved. So avoid fatty foods such as cream cakes, chocolate, ice cream and burger chips for perfect curves. In order to eat more fish and shellfish, as well as legumes and grains, to supplement the body’s essential nutrients. Use olive and sesame oil instead of salad oil in stir-fries, and always use less oil.

Method two: Fat burning “small action”

Hoard the adipose that is in the lower half body is very stubborn, come quickly go slowly, want to prevent nip in the bud so, normally besides control adipose take quantity outside. It’s the best aid in sports. Exercise can get rid of the excess, do some hip and leg exercises, will have a good effect. If you have time, you can also do yoga or stretching exercises to tighten up the lower body muscles and bring back the small waist.

Method three: prevent fat

Or students sit in a chair for a long time every day, sitting for a long time is easy to accumulate abdominal fat, and at this time, it is necessary to develop good habits, correct the sitting posture, head up, so as to reduce some of the fat stored in the abdomen.

Method four: develop the habit of drinking tea

Many of the ingredients in tea are very good for boosting your belly, which will grow smaller if you drink it. The waist is also a lot thinner, xiaobian recommended, tea can choose green tea and black tea, these two kinds of tea have the effect of weight loss.

Method 5: drink more water

Drinking eight glasses of water a day and cutting down on carbonated saccharin is one of the most effective ways to stay slim. Drinking a glass of water before breakfast, such as plain water, light honey water or water with added fiber, will speed up the peristalsis of the stomach and flush out all the waste and metabolites from the previous night, thus reducing the chance of belly fat appearing. Your waist will become more and more perfect.