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Since we train more to the anterior and posterior tracts of the deltoid when training other movements, the middle tracts of the deltoid should be trained in isolation. But there are a few things that we need to be aware of when we’re training the middle deltoid cord. Otherwise it might not stimulate the middle deltoid cord enough. So what do you think is the important thing to exercise the deltoid middle band? Let’s go and have a look!

Points needing attention in deltoid muscle training

First of all, we should avoid borrowing. We want to focus the training stimulus on the middle bundle of deltoid muscle as much as possible, so as to avoid borrowing from other muscle groups.

1, avoid the trapezius upper band borrowing force

Any actions involving shoulder level outreach trapezius muscle almost all participation, the lift arm of trapezius muscle participation degree is, the greater the side you can put the hand on the other side on the shoulder of the trapezius muscle bundle, then lift the arms, and feel the trapezius muscle “tension”, the higher the lift arm, trapezius muscle tension will be higher. So when doing training deltoid muscle bundle, the better movement amplitude is to lift the arm slightly lower than the parallel amplitude with the ground (elbow lower than shoulder), this amplitude is ok, can be more fully stimulate the deltoid muscle bundle, and can minimize the trapezius muscle involved in the degree of force.

  1. Avoid borrowing from the anterior deltoid muscle

Moves if you are doing your arm is always ahead of the body, then you will more use your deltoid hairdo, before this is not we want to see, in order to reduce the participation of deltoid toe action in the process, as far as possible the assurance of the arm and body side in a plane, don’t let arms ahead of the body too much, This will make more use of the medial deltoid cord. In short, keep your elbow in line with your side and extend your arm as straight as possible.

  1. Warm up well

The muscles and joints around the shoulder are complex, and if we blindly exert force during some movements, it is likely to cause shoulder injury. So we need to warm up before we do the middle deltoid. Use bench presses and stretches with low weights to warm up. Warm up for at least 5 minutes, or 10 minutes if it’s winter.