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If you carry extra weight around your stomach, your overall image will be lower. Both men and women have waist fat. For boys, it’s called a beer belly. For girls, it’s called a bucket waist. Both men and women need to lose weight around their waists. So do you think the bucket waist and beer belly will be smaller when it comes to these moves? Let’s go and have a look!

Bucket waist beer belly meets these several movements can be a circle smaller

Turn hula hoop

Exercise your abs with a hula hoop to lose a quick circle. Hula hoop is a classic abdominal exercise, long-term adherence is really can lose weight, waist fat can be pressed with the hula hoop, accelerate metabolism, energy consumption, but also to develop abdominal muscles.

Air pedalling

Lying on the floor with your face up and your legs parallel to the floor as if you’re on a bicycle can significantly reduce fat loss. This action is mainly to stretch the waist, so it can not be practiced for a long time. It can be practiced according to the number, otherwise it will cause waist muscle pain and affect the later exercise.


Freestyle swimming is the most perfect way to lose weight, swimming is the biggest benefit for women, it can constantly shape the body line, but also can have a little muscle, it will look textured. Swimming can make the muscles of the whole body to move up, burning body fat, energy consumption is the most, weight loss time is relatively short.

Bucket waist beer belly meets these several movements can be a circle smaller

Roll your knees in bed

Lie on your back in bed with your legs together and your hands at your sides naturally. Using the strength of your legs, bend your legs and cross your hands over your knees. Using the strength of your waist, roll your body to the left and right. This simple knee rolling exercise can accelerate fat burning, so that you can get rid of the fat on the waist abdomen in rolling, so that you have a sexy waist.

Blow gently waist and abdomen

Place your palms under your waist with four fingers together, then gently scrape your hands from bottom to top using your arms. Repeat this exercise until your waist is hot. This exercise can make your waist and abdomen become more slim and tight, but also effectively promote fat to accelerate combustion, so that you easily get rid of the trouble of fat, thus thin a fine waist.