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N-nitroprotein has been highly praised by everyone. Compared with pure whey protein, n-nitroprotein shows more advantages and provides stronger help for muscle growth.

  1. The key to the use of protein is absorption. The absorption efficiency of whey protein was further improved by adding natural nitrogen promoting factors on the basis of pure whey protein. Studies have confirmed that the introduction of positive nitrogen technology can improve the use effect of pure whey protein.
  2. N-nitroprotein increases the content of essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids and glutamine, and further improves the nutritional value of protein. Essential amino acids are amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body and must be taken from food, which is the main symbol to measure the nutritional value of protein; Branched chain amino acids are important structural substances of muscle. Supplementing branched chain amino acids can not only prevent muscle decomposition, but also improve central fatigue; Glutamine can promote muscle synthesis and improve immunity. N-nitroprotein further strengthens the content of these three amino acids, making the “gold content” of protein powder higher.
  3. Nitrogenous protein is specially added with China’s traditional precious Yin nourishing ingredients, which can nourish yin, tonify kidney and reduce deficiency fire, so as to solve the problem that protein powder is easy to get angry.

Therefore, nitrogen positive protein can provide an ideal “nitrogen positive” environment for muscle growth, make the body in a synthetic environment, and ensure faster and better muscle growth.