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After training, it is the golden time to supplement protein powder. During this time, it is the key time to add meals with high nutritional density that can be absorbed quickly. Within 2 hours after exercise, supplement at least 25 g of amino acids / protein (such as 1 teaspoon of whey protein) and 1.2 g / kg of sugar rich food.

Improvement scheme

Improved recipes for the next day

1 bag of fresh milk (250g), 4 slices of sliced bread and 1 egg for breakfast

Breakfast with 3 egg whites

Lunch order

Sauce beef / Braised Beef, 150g braised fish, 00g bean curd with Scallion / Braised bean curd, 1 stir fried green leafy vegetable, 1 rice fast food box (about 300g)

In the afternoon, add 1 banana, 1 handful of raisins and 500ml of sports drinks before and during training

After training, 30g whey protein and 1 banana

About 200g rice for dinner, 1 small portion of cold radish skin, 200g beef in sauce

Note: beef, fish and peeled chicken breast can be exchanged in equal quantities according to their preferences; 4 ~ 5 egg whites contain the same protein as 2 liang beef / fish / peeled chicken breast.

Improved nutrient analysis

The total calories of this muscle strengthening meal are 3040 kcal, including carbohydrates accounting for 55% (418g), protein accounting for 21% (160g) and fat accounting for 23% (78g). The ratio of three meals plus early meals and before and after exercise is basically in line with the recommended standard (3:4:3).

The improved diet increases the intake of carbohydrates and protein. Considering that lorry is very busy at ordinary times and doesn’t have much time to prepare food, he mainly selects foods that are easy to buy, easy to cook, easy to carry and easy to digest and absorb. The main food list is as follows:

1 get up in the morning, boil eggs, wash, and bring four eggs before going out; Or go out to buy boiled tea eggs and take them to the unit to eat;

  1. Regularly go to the supermarket one day or every week to buy small food with you: sliced bread, soy sauce beef, bananas, raisins, etc., and take bread, bananas and raisins with you as small food for meals to supplement energy at any time, so as not to make your muscles “hungry”:

3 sports drinks and protein powder can be easily purchased in the gym or kept with the help of the gym. They are mainly used for meals before and after exercise.