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L-carnitine supplementation can promote fat burning. L-carnitine and chromium (rich in beer, cheese and meat) will enhance the effect of weight loss. Because L-carnitine will strengthen the body’s utilization of fatty acids and has the effect of burning fat. Chromium can increase the utilization of sugars, increase insulin sensitivity and reduce fat accumulation.

Food rich in L-carnitine: it is found in red meat and milk, but L-carnitine is easy to be damaged during milk processing, so the content is not much.

Vitamin B1, B2

If the intake of vitamins B1 and B2 is insufficient, the enzymes that help the body consume excess fat will not work. Vitamin B1 and B2 are water-soluble vitamins, which cannot be stored in the body. The excess will be excreted with urine, and it is quite easy to lose with the food processing process.

Foods rich in vitamin B1 and B2: the liver is a treasure house of vitamin B family. Whole grains, yeast, wheat germ, beans, milk and meat are also important sources of vitamin B1 and B2.


Enzymes can not only reduce the increase of blood lipids, but also promote metabolism and achieve the effect of fat consumption. As long as enzymes are properly supplemented, the body will mobilize enzymes in the body to promote calorie metabolism and consume excess fat.

Foods rich in enzymes: pineapple, banana, papaya, kiwi fruit, etc. are very rich in enzymes, especially immature papaya. The enzyme content is more than that at maturity. In addition, tofu, mushrooms, white radishes, onions, yams, bean sprouts and other vegetables are also rich in enzymes.

Conjugated linolenic acid

It is an essential fatty acid with many health benefits, including increasing muscle and reducing body fat accumulation. In addition to effectively reducing the 3-body fat ratio, conjugated linolenic acid has anti free radical and anti-cancer effects.

Food rich in conjugated linolenic acid: it usually exists in butter or cream, but excessive intake of these foods is harmful to your health, so it is recommended that you take it from sunflower seed oil healthily.

Soybean saponin

Soybean saponin not only has antioxidant function, but also reduces the proportion of bile and fat, inhibits thrombosis and prevents arteriosclerosis. Often eat food containing soybean saponin, can also adjust the intestinal wall absorption capacity, so that the intestines and stomach are not easy to absorb excess heat, and develop a lean constitution.

Foods rich in soybean saponin: soybean and its products, such as tofu, soybean skin and soybean milk, are quite rich.

Wooden acid rain yarn

It mostly exists in plant seeds or roots. It can activate intestinal function, make defecation unobstructed, stimulate metabolism and make fat not easy to accumulate.

The most lignin rich foods: sesame, oats, Cereals, soybeans, flaxseed, etc. are all rich in lignin.


Caffeine is the source of the bitter taste of tea and coffee. It can stimulate brain activity, cheer up mood and diuretic effect. Caffeine can promote fat decomposition and reduce the chance of fat accumulation in the body.

Foods rich in caffeine: green tea, oolong tea or coffee all contain caffeine, which is a good source of intake. Only when enzymes drink coffee without sugar and milk, can the fat burning effect be brought into full play.

Coenzyme Q10

It is a necessary substance for the body to burn calories. If Q10 is sufficient in the body, the food and fat you eat can be fully metabolized, and you can develop a body that is not easy to get fat. In addition to burning fat, coenzyme Q10 can also resist oxidation and remove free radicals in the body, which is very helpful to maintain health.

Foods rich in coenzyme Q10: saury, sardine, salmon, tuna, and other red meat such as beef or mutton. Besides, spinach, peanuts, tofu, financing, olive oil and sunflower seed oil are also rich.

Natto coenzyme

Natto mucus has a special enzyme, which can remove impurities in the blood, remove thrombosis, and more importantly, it can turn into fat combustion and dig out excess fat storage.

Foods rich in natto coenzymes: natto

amino acid

Lysine and arginine in amino acids consume more energy in metabolism than sugars and fats, and can also promote the secretion of growth hormone. Accelerate fat consumption. Supplementing amino acids after exercise can increase muscle tissue. When there are many muscles in the body, the basic metabolic rate will increase, and slimming will certainly become simple.

Foods rich in amino acids: firewood fish slices are rich in lysine, while scallops and guava seeds are rich in arginine.


Capsaicin contained in capsaicin has the function of burning fat. It can stimulate parasympathetic nerve and accelerate energy metabolism. However, if you take in too many calories or don’t cooperate with exercise, you can only rely on pepper to lose weight, but the practice of pouring Xuan at the end of the day will also have a bad impact on your intestines and stomach.