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  I have been mixing my protein with a spoon and a protein shaker electric, which is horrible. It took a long time and I couldn’t get rid of these blocks. I finally broke down and bought this, I can’t believe I didn’t buy it earlier. The protein shake is very simple, there are no unmixed protein crumbs, it does not leak, and it is easy to clean.

  like to use it, it blends well, no problem. Very durable, I have beaten it. The downside is that if you don’t scrub it well before the dishwasher, it will leave the powder in the small groove on the lid.

  For six months, I have been making protein shakes every day and trying to stir it by myself. I can’t believe this makes my life so easy. I am actually afraid of having to stir my protein shake during protein shake time, and I would not buy an ordinary blender for the shake. Just when I used it for the first time, I couldn’t believe how well the mixing tablets inside worked. I am glad I got it and hope I can pick it up sooner.

  This is a great product. When my girlfriend started this weight loss plan, I bought it for her and she loved it! She mixed her protein shakes in the morning and then took them to work or anything else. There was never any spillage.

  protein shakes shaker plastic is hard and durable, but the elongated center makes it difficult to reach the bottom when cleaning. But to be honest, this is a great value product, and I will definitely do it again!