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More and more fat on the belly is a problem that annoys many people. After work, men are under great pressure and need to socialize. They will gradually grow a big belly. Women don’t like sports, don’t pay attention to diet, and their small belly is also very surging. Some married and pregnant female friends also need some recovery, So let’s share some abdominal fat reduction exercise methods. I hope everyone can have an enviable good figure.

Turn hula hoop

Method 1: aerobic exercise

In fact, if you want to lose abdominal fat, you should not only focus on the abdomen, because obesity is a systemic thing. It is impossible to be symmetrical elsewhere. Only the belly fat is frightening. For such people, you should first do aerobic exercise to reduce the body fat rate. The fat of the whole body is consumed, and so is the nature of the belly, so they naturally lose weight, Of course, you can’t lose too much at once, so after the body fat rate drops to a certain extent, you can do some more targeted actions.

Method 2: suspension leg lift

If you are a man and want to lose abdominal fat, you can try hanging your legs. This action is not very difficult to do, and you don’t need complex equipment. You only need the horizontal bar or parallel bar. You don’t need to go to the gym. There will be fitness equipment in the downstairs community or in the school. The specific method of hanging and lifting legs is to hang yourself on the horizontal bar, lift your feet off the ground, and then use your abdomen to force your legs together. Try to bend your legs up together. It’s best to bend them to about 90 degrees, and then repeat this action.

Method 3: turn hula hoop

If you are a female friend and want to lose excess fat on your stomach, you can try turning hula hoop. After all, women are not suitable for too intensive strength training, especially for professional women, but turning hula hoop is a good low-intensity exercise method, which can also effectively reduce waist and abdomen fat and make your body slimmer.