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I use custom protein shaker to make my protein milkshake, and the effect is very good. It’s also easy to clean.Absolutely perfect. I took the bottle to the gym. The bottle contained protein powder. When I finished my exercise, I filled it with water. If you use a thick liquid, such as milk, or if you don’t have enough liquid, the powder will stick to the edge of the bottom of the bottle out of the reach of the spring. This is the only bad thing.
Custom protein shaker is very easy to clean and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about leakage. However, the top of your drink may be a little difficult to open.

Great shake for protein milkshakes! Shake gently for a few times to easily mix the protein powder. Take a lot. Many interesting colors! It works better than any other shake bottle I’ve used before. No powder will be left at the bottom. These are smooth. I bought custom protein shakers for everyone in my family who used pre exercise and meal shake. We all like this.
This is the perfect protein shake! After closing the lid, the custom protein shaker is wide enough to easily fill a full spoon. There is a drinking hole of appropriate size on the lid, so no matter how I hold the soap protein shaker bottle, the custom protein shaker will not splash on me. Custom protein shaker can also mix my milkshake into a perfect smooth mixture. I also like how tight the lid is so that you don’t have to worry about leakage.