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I also like the vortex generated by portable electric paint shaker when mixing liquid. Portable electric paint shaker has a built-in automatic timer, so you press portable electric paint shaker and portable electric paint shaker to mix, and then turn off automatically after the cycle is completed.This is one of the protein drink Shakers you don’t really need. Messing up the kitchen seems like a stupid gadget when you already have something else that can easily do the same job. You think until you get one. Then you want to know what’s wrong with you. You’ve been waiting so long, and such a good tool could have been bought with so little money.
I will be completely honest with you. I really think I’m an amateur chef. I occasionally make salad dressing, marinade and dipping sauce. What do you do from scratch. This is a great tool. But the real reason I bought this bottle is because I really like chocolate milk, and the things prefabricated in cartons from the grocery store can’t be compared with the Nestle Quik I liked when I was a child.
But as we all know, making Nestle Quik with glass and spoon will never achieve the effect you want. Either you take 15 minutes to mix the portable electric paint shaker until your finger cramps, or you just let the portable electric paint shaker mix completely, and then you must drink the portable electric paint shaker very quickly before the unmixed mixture begins to sink to the bottom. This baby is not like this. Pour Quik and milk into the soap protein shaker bottle, close and shake for about 30 seconds, and you will get a cold and delicious Quik (not that I drink quickly).
Then you just need to shake a little detergent and hot water in it. Portable electric paint shaker can be easily cleaned and ready to meet the desire of chocolate next time.
All right. You can use portable electric paint shaker to make your gourmet sauce or anything else. But we all know what you really want to do with portable electric paint shaker.