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For elephant legs, I believe some people still understand. In fact, there are many actions to lose weight, but many people don’t know how to lose weight. I believe some people still know how to lose weight. So, how do elephant legs lose weight? What’s the way? Let’s get to know!

Leg lifting movement

  1. Side leg lifting

This thin leg movement is very common. First, slowly lift one leg up from the side and keep a straight line as a whole. The effect of repeated practice will be better, and the hips can be retracted. The focus of this movement is to swing up and down at a moderate speed and gently.

  1. Barbell side squat lunge knee bending

The function of barbell side squat is to exercise the pelvis and inner leg muscles, and bending the knee can also exercise the hip.

(1) Take a 5-10 pound dumbbell in your left hand, squat slowly on your side, then extend your left hand to your right foot, lower your hips, keep your toes forward, and bend your right knee no more than 90 degrees.

(2) The left hand slowly leaves the right foot, lifts upward, bends the left leg forward and makes a fork with the right leg to form a curtsy posture. The hip is at right angles to the left leg, the knee is tight, the toes of both feet are forward, and quickly return to the barbell side squat from the curtsy position.

After 15 times on the same side, change to the other side. You can do three groups.

  1. Kick back

This exercise is also a way to thin the fat on the inner side of the thigh. Kick back to the maximum, keep the action for 5 seconds, and then keep the posture and practice repeatedly, kicking at least 10-15 times each time, which can not only thin the legs but also thin the hips.

  1. Simulate cycling

First, lie flat on the bed, lift your legs and body at 90 degrees, like riding a bicycle, draw 200 circles upward, then lie down, lift your legs or put them on the wall, open them to both sides, and then close them. Like scissors, you can do it for 10 minutes.

  1. Leg lifting

When doing strength training, it is more difficult to use fitness ball training. You should exert yourself on the legs and keep the ball stationary. You can train muscle groups and exercise fat on the inside of the legs.

Lie on your side, cross your hands in front of you, or bend your elbows and rest your head gently on your hands.

Put a large fitness ball between your feet and push it up slowly with the help of the power of your hips, then let the ball slowly return to the starting position, and then repeat the previous process. You can train three groups, 15 times in each group.