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Many people like to eat a lot when they eat, and always feel that they are not too good to eat so little at a time a day. In fact, it is necessary to eat according to the amount of food. Protein powder is something we need to eat when we work out, some people are not quite sure how many times a day protein powder should be eaten, so how many times a day do you think it is best to eat protein powder? Here we go together to see it!

How many times a day is the best to eat protein powder Protein powder taking precautions

  Protein powder how many times a day to eat the best
  The amount of protein for adults is their own weight (unit: kg) and 1.5 of the results, if your weight is 56kg, then the amount of a day is 84g (56 * 1.5). And the amount of protein you get from three meals is about 50g, and the amount of protein that each person lacks every day is 30-40 g. Therefore, to be conservative, we want to gain muscle will have to drink at least another 30g of protein powder. If you don’t like the trouble of 2 times, then you can drink 30g at once.

  It is important not to drink too much protein powder because it needs to be broken down by the liver to be transformed into muscle tissue and then needs to be excreted from the urine by the kidneys, so if there is too much protein it will overload the kidneys and liver. Furthermore, in order to synthesize muscle, some trace elements are needed, the most needed is vitamin B, followed by vitamin C. Therefore, eat protein powder at the same time, eat some vitamin B it.

How many times a day is the best time to take protein powder Protein powder precautions

  Protein powder taking precautions
  1, when taking protein powder must avoid fasting, because fasting when the body’s blood sugar is often relatively low, this time the protein will be broken down, thus producing the body needs heat, so that we do not want to achieve the effect.

  2, it is recommended that we must eat protein powder at breakfast, because in the day, the morning is the best time to absorb protein, the morning intake of protein should, in principle, more than 70% of the whole day, while Chinese food or dinner only need to account for 30% can, so you can take a cup of protein powder with warm water at breakfast or after meals.

  3, when taking protein must pay attention to the water temperature, in principle, the water temperature can not exceed 40 degrees, otherwise it may let its nutrition is destroyed, if you feel the taste is relatively single, you can also add milk, soy milk and other drinks in it to eat.

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