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Now many people have more and more abdominal fat, but what can they do? Work pressure is high, and it is difficult to eat regularly for three meals, but the image always needs to be taken into account. Too big belly really doesn’t look very good, which affects a person’s temperament. Let’s share a complete set of abdominal fat reduction training actions. Friends in different situations can take different methods, I hope you can like it and stick to it. It will certainly flatten your stomach again.

Suspension leg lift

Action 1: aerobic exercise

In fact, local fat reduction is very difficult. If the body fat rate has not been reduced to a certain extent, it is suggested that if you want to reduce your stomach, you should first go to the Internet to find the formula and calculate your body fat rate. If it is low, you can directly do local fat reduction activities. If it is high, it is better to start with the whole body first, because you can exercise your stomach locally, They are all aimed at the abdominal muscles. At that time, the stomach may not be reduced, the abdominal muscles become stronger and the waist circumference becomes larger and larger. Therefore, the first step to reduce the stomach is to calculate the body fat rate. If the body fat rate is high, do aerobic exercise. At that time, the whole body will lose weight, and the stomach will naturally lose weight.

Action 2: roll your belly

If the body fat rate is not very high, you can do some local slimming exercises, such as abdominal curling. This activity is more suitable for novices, especially novices whose core strength of waist and abdomen is not very strong. Of course, veterans can do it. Abdominal curling is similar to sit ups, but it does not require the upper body to sit up completely, so it has good protection for the cervical spine and spine. Moreover, if it is a little difficult to do abdominal curling, you can also try reverse abdominal curling, and the effect is the same.

Action 3: suspension leg lift

If you want to lose excess fat on your stomach, if you are a boy, you can also try hanging your legs. However, this requires a little equipment, that is, the horizontal bar or parallel bar, but it can not only exercise the abdominal muscles, but also effectively exercise the muscles on the arm and back muscles.