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  This thing really works. When I shake the protein shaker with the protein powder inside, there are no lumps left. I know the vanilla taste will not, so I did a real test with cookies and cream (I only used six Star Professional Nutrition (Additional Information) and that little stirring tablet actually make the protein shaker blend together perfectly, without any lumps. I don’t actually think this is possible, but the protein shaker does work, so this is definitely better than the normal shaker I used before. Although I do have a problem, it has the same problem as the old shaker bottle I used. I don’t know if I should tighten the protein shaker, but whenever I shake the protein shaker, maybe it’s too hard, some The protein shaker spilled from the side, not a lot, just a few drops here and there.

  I like this bottle. I bought the protein shaker to change the powdered supplements I took, and the protein shaker did a great job. I also like that the protein shaker has a measurement tracker (although it is difficult to see), and the protein shaker is super leak-proof. The protein shaker is also easy to clean all parts, so the protein shaker will not mold or emit odors like other bottles with smaller holes and openings. I take it everywhere!

  The lid on the mouthpiece closed violently. Anyway, I use my fingers to shake the protein shaker on the lid because I am paranoid, but this may withstand some very rough shaking without opening or leaking. The protein shaker cup can pass through the dishwasher without difficulty. The plastic will not warp and the lid can be tightened comfortably. The size and density of the whisk is just right. My protein shake is completely blended without lumps. very happy.

  A drink used before my workout and a drink used after my workout.