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The anterior serratus muscle is the part that many people want to train, but many people don’t master the key points of movement before fitness. Doing so will lead to training mistakes and can’t have training effect. Next, let’s learn about the movements of the anterior serratus muscle before exercise! If you are also interested, let’s continue to look down!

One arm dumbbell side lift

  1. Single arm dumbbell side lift

Hold the dumbbell in one hand, tilt the upper body to the side without holding the dumbbell, and then directly push up to lift the dumbbell. Before resuming the contraction of the anterior serratus muscle for push, let the load be applied to the anterior serratus muscle area. Make sure to lift vertically while contracting the anterior serratus muscle. In this way, while practicing shoulder muscles, you will unknowingly practice the anterior serratus muscle more.

  1. Single arm rope pull-down

Facing the pulley instrument adjusted to the highest gear, hold the handle with one hand, keep the arm straight, directly pull down the handle to the waist, and try to squeeze and contract the anterior serratus muscle at the end of the action. You can put the finger of the other hand on the practising anterior serratus muscle to feel and ensure that the anterior serratus muscle contracts as much as possible.

  1. Rotate the lifting leg

This action can be done suspended on the horizontal bar or on any instrument for leg lifting. The main difference is that the body tilts to one side, the legs are bent, the legs are raised to one side to form a cross with the body, and the training of abdominal transverse rectus and anterior saw muscle is emphasized. Then repeat the exercise on the other side.

  1. Supine dumbbell lift

Lie on the bench, hold the light barbell above your head, bend your elbow slightly, and lower the barbell back to your head as much as possible. Do a full stretch. Take a deep breath and return to the barbell above your head.

  1. Supine leg rotation

Lie on your back, put your arms on your side, palm down, lift your legs straight up, then keep your feet together, and slowly lower your legs to the left until you touch the floor. Then lift the leg up again and repeat to the other side. Do 3 groups x15 times on each side, and tomorrow you will feel much tighter than before.

  1. Anterior serratus muscle rotation

Hold the light dumbbell or barbell piece with both hands in front, keep the arm really extended, rotate the upper body, extend it as far as possible from one side to the other, and keep the light rotation! 50 times on each side.