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I’ve been using this shaker for about a week. I use protein shaker bottle to mix protein powder, crushed ice and frozen mixed berries. There is no problem. The protein powder is well mixed, and the ice doesn’t seem to cause any problems to the mixer. Most of the mixed berries remained intact, but I didn’t expect the protein shaker bottle to be crushed like a steel blade mixer. I’m glad to spend 15-30 minutes drinking the milkshake and constantly remixing it to keep it delicious and smooth. The shaker seems to be durable. It can hold the ice for up to 30 minutes and keep the milkshake itself cool and cool. The cover and water outlet have good sealing and will not leak.
I like this gadget! This is a mobile mixer!! Miixr electric shaker bottle actually mixes milkshakes well.
• very easy to clean; Just hand wash with warm water and detergent.
• the protein shaker bottle said that the protein shaker bottle can be cleaned with the dishwasher, but I won’t risk it because the protein shaker bottle is charged through USB.
• this electric protein shaker bottle is also very durable. I put the protein shaker bottle on the tile floor of the kitchen, and the miixr Pro electric shaker bottle is still perfect.
• compared with the ordinary electric protein shaker bottle, the electric protein mixer bottle can also keep my milkshake cold longer. The protein shaker bottle is double-layer, so it has some insulation.
• almost forgot my favorite part When your milkshake, smoothie or anything precipitates and separates, you can Remix it in the electric protein shaker bottle by pressing the button!
In general, the value for money is better. Most people will pay more for such an excellent electric blender shaker bottle!