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Many people are very familiar with the opening and closing jump. Opening and closing jump is a good sport, because all muscles of our body can be exercised by doing opening and closing jump. Of course, opening and closing jump has many advantages in addition to these advantages. I believe many people don’t know how to do 150 opening and closing jumps every day. So, what about 150 opening and closing jumps a day? Let’s take a look.

Opening and closing jump

150 opening and closing jumps a day, easy to have a good figure

Opening and closing jump is that people open their hands and feet while jumping. Their hands have crossed the head, and their hands and feet return to their original position. They can sit repeatedly for more than ten minutes during the meeting. During the meeting, they can also take a short rest without equipment or picking the field. Especially for sedentary people, it is easy to stand up and do a few groups. Stick to it, and these benefits will automatically find you.

First of all, opening and closing jump is very conducive to weight loss. Take out 15 minutes every day to do several groups of opening and closing jumps. The fat and calories in the body will be consumed faster. When the fat becomes less, the fat on the stomach will gradually be less, and the small waist will not be far away from you. It may also be exercise. Adhering to opening and closing jumps every day will have better results than running. People who want to lose weight might as well jump up quickly.

Moreover, the opening and closing jump can also enhance the endurance of muscles, which is also very helpful for you to carry out other sports. For example, the muscles will often ache during long-distance running, and your endurance is not enough. You might as well do 100 opening and closing jumps every day to exercise muscles and enhance endurance. It can also alleviate the condition of frequent fatigue and incompetence, and people’s mental state and look better.

Secondly, insist on doing opening and closing jump every day, and you can also exercise your heart and lungs. When doing the opening and closing jump, the blood circulation will speed up, the heartbeat will be faster, and the metabolism speed in the body will be faster. While reducing fat, the physical strength will also rise, and the joints and muscles on the body can be well extended. It is also very suitable for other strong warm-up before exercise to prevent muscle stretching or arrhythmia during exercise.

So it’s a simple and easy exercise to do. You might as well stick to it at ordinary times. People here tell you that as long as you stick to it, it may be difficult for you not to be thin! However, as long as it is exercise, there are some precautions to prevent injury to the body during exercise. Although opening and closing jump is conducive to weight loss, there are also places to pay attention to.

For people whose knees have been injured or just healed, it is recommended to do other sports, because when opening and closing jump, the knees need to bear a lot of strength; For people with low body fat rate, the effect of opening and closing jump may not be great. It is recommended to do some more efficient sports; And don’t just ask for speed and time, but step by step, slowly increase the time or difficulty, and the fat reduction effect may be better.

Basic action steps of opening and closing jump

  1. Stand in place, make preparations, and put your hands on both sides of your body.
  2. Take off upward, extend your feet outward and clap your hands upward (clap or not).
  3. Then merge your feet and return your hands to both sides of your body.
  4. This is a complete action, and then repeat the action.

The advantage of often doing opening and closing jump

Basically all the muscles of the body will be exercised when doing opening and closing jumps.

You can use open and close jump to exercise your heart and lungs and improve your heart rate.

Opening and closing jump can also be used as a warm-up exercise. It can stretch every part of the body enough and accelerate blood circulation.